Discover Marushin's range of coffee.  Get the best freshly roasted beans, from the finest single origins to the unique blends.    All coffee is available at our store in Fukushima Osaka.  Location




Crystal Mountain No.1

El Salvador SHG Sitio De Maria (Medium - City)


Crystal Mountain No.1


Honduras SHG Q-Grade (City)


Crystal Mountain No.1


Caribbean Queen (Medium)


Crystal Mountain No.1


Cuba Crystal Mountain NO.1 (Medium)


Crystal SP


Cuba Crystal Mountain SP (Medium)



Yemen Mocha Mattari (City)



Sumatra Mandehling (Dark)

Colombia Supremo


Colombia Supremo (City)

Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea (Medium)


Guatemala SHB

Guatemala SHB (Full City)



Mexico Organic (Medium)


Kilimanjaro AA


Tanzania Kilimanjaro AA (Medium)


Brazil Santos


Brazil Santos (High) 



Golden Blend


Golden Blend (Medium-Full City)


Soft Blend


Soft Blend (High) 

Mild Blend


Mild Blend (City-Full City)

Strong Blend


Strong Blend (City-French)


Crystal Mountain Blend


Crystal Mountain Blend (Medium) 


1925 Blend


1925 Roaster's Blend (City-Full City)

Sumiyaki Blend


Charcoal Roasted (City-Full City)


Italian Blend


Italian Blend(City-French)


 Mocha Blend


Mocha Blend (Medium-City)

Iced Coffee Select


Iced Coffee Select (City-French)


Iced Coffee Select


Water Brewed Iced Coffee BAG (City-French)

Green Beans

Green coffee beans


We have selection of green beans.