Fresh Roasted Coffee in the Heart of Osaka


CAFE ROASTEARY MARUSHIN is a coffee roaster/coffee shop/cafe located in Fukushima (Noda/Nodahanshin/Yoshino) Osaka Japan.  We create consistently great variety of coffees from the world in small batches of the freshest high quality beans.  All of our coffees are roasted on site, right in the back of CAFE ROASTERY MARUSHIN.  By roasting small batches we can provide our customers with the freshest beans possible.  We accommodate our customers' needs and have all roasts, light to dark, single-origins, blends, wholesale and gift coffees. 


SINCE 1925

CAFE ROASTERY MARUSHIN was established in 1925, Taisyo (Era) 14, and it always has been a great neighborhood cafe that reflects the comfort, passion for quality, quirkiness and community feel that characterizes all of CAFE ROASTERY MARUSHIN.  We have been researching and learning coffee in all these time, and we believe that no matter what time changes bring us, the value of the good coffee aroma, taste and the comfort are something never change.  Our hope is to give you a glimpse into the story of your coffee, and pleasant space.